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The first time that I tried to find people of which I had nothing more but their phone number in my phone book, I discovered that it was not that easy to connect a phone number to the owner. After some research on the internet I came across Reverse Phone Check, which I have been using for quite some time now. I found out that this is a very handy tool if you want to find out more information about a person, but all you have is their phone number in your telephone directory. For everyone that is searching for an easy to use tool for reverse phone number look up, I will use this page to share my knowledge.

Reverse Phone Check for reverse phone lookup


Why reverse phone lookup?
There are several occasions on which you might want to make use of reverse phone lookup. For instance, if you find a missed call from an unknown phone number, you can use reverse phone lookup to trace back to who that number belongs. Or if you received a prank call and would like to know who is behind it, or if you want to know the address of the person or place you only have the phone number. Or maybe it happened to you that you found phone numbers on your phone bill that you cannot recall phoning and you would like to know who or what these for you unknown numbers belong to, in all these situations Reverse Phone Check can help you out!

Three easy steps
Reverse Phone Check is very easy to use. Take a number that you want to know more about from your phone book or telephone directory and type this number in the search bar. The basic results (city / state) will show. After payment you can view the full results, such as the name and address of the owner. If you sign up as a member of Reverse Phone Check, you can issue an unlimited amount of basic reverse phone lookups, an unlimited search to find people and discounts for the search of criminal records and background reports. Signing up as a member happens through a secure order form.

The full results will show you (in case available) the name of the person that the phone number belongs to, this person’s current and previous addresses, the type of phone line, the phone company the owner uses and the issuing location including a map. All of the result records that you find using Reverse Phone Check are printable.

To find people, Reverse Phone Check searches in their data source which covers
• landline numbers
• mobile phone numbers
• business lines
in the United States

Staff support and refunds
One of the reasons why I stick to Reverse Phone Check is that they care if the user is satisfied. One time my search gave me no results at all. I contacted Reverse Phone Check and the expert staff at Reverse Phone Check assisted me with my search. Together we found what I needed, but they told me that in case they also had not been able to find the results I was looking for, I could have contacted the support department to request a refund.

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